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Backup & Side view Camera Systems

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Transport & Cargo Monitoring Cameras Solutions

For local, over the road, rail, barge, container, etc.
Keep a watchful eye on your cargo while in transit.

If you concerned with viewing your cargo, monitoring for theft, and email or text notifications we have a solution for you.

With cellular technology you can keep an eye on your cargo at any time coverage is available.  The external antennas we use boost signal strength significantly.

On vehicle recording saves you money on bandwidth limiting cellular plans, and offsite recording is available for high value assets.

Access to viewing the cameras over the internet or on certain cell phones.
Text & email alerts for certain events (door opening, etc.)*

Quality Pre-programmed Single Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System

Outdoor camera w/ pan, tilt, and digital zoom
External cellular antenna (mirror mount, magnetic, etc)
Cellular card interface & Wi-Fi hotspot**
Network and 12V cables included
Preliminary setup & programming
Wiring and contacts for alarm alerts
Secured wireless internet access
Optional solar powered systems
Backup battery available
Installation available

From $1150 with 5MB data transfer**
Call or email us for a quote or other options HERE

There are several mounting options available.  We recommend placing the main unit in the cab (if in a truck) with wiring running to the trailer for the camera.  This ensures the main unit and antenna are safe from damaged, and the wireless access point will be inside the cab for better signal strength (if used). The system needs 12 volt power to operate.  We like to recommend a backup battery to ensure proper system operation.  The cab unit comes enclosed in a junction box for tamper resistance.

There are also cellular options that with the correct phone and service will allow users to make and receive free calls over the cellular card to cut down on actual cell phone minutes.

*Notifications only work within coverage areas
**Cellular card and service necessary, data transfer may vary with carrier



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