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Get Legislation Passed for Photo Enforcement

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Sample Letter:

Dear Representative/Senator ______________:  

As a constituent, I urge you to help pass legislation to enable the use of photo enforcement cameras for disabled parking infringements. With the baby boomers getting older something needs to be done to ensure that people with disabilities are able to go about their day with the least amount of difficulty.  We all have friends or loved ones with disabilities and nothing is worse than hearing their stories about problems with parking while going to get groceries or run errands.

Adding and legalizing photo enforcement for parking infringements only makes sense.  It will deter people from illegally using reserved parking and will also generate revenue for the government.

This is a concept that nobody will argue against.  Whomever doesn't think that there should be better enforcement of disabled parking is not being honest.

There are several communities that allow trained individuals to issue parking tickets.  By allowing photo enforcement cameras we can ensure that more areas are covered 24/7.

An investment in disabled parking cameras is something that we must do for our growing disabled community.  An example can be seen here: www.Oculeye.com/disabled.htm

Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further. 




We Provide a Solution to Illegal Parking in Disabled Zones


The population is getting older

Don't let crimes go unpunished

Front and rear plate photos are captured

Rear view mirror and dash images captured for permits

No power or internet required


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